Tuesday, January 6, 2009

HAPPY 2009!!

Wow! It's been a while since I've been able to sit down & come to update my blog! Obviously, there's been a LOT going on over the past few weeks!! Let's see if I can get updated!!


Christmas was really nice!! Even with our financial issues, we were able to make it nice for the girls. We got a little help from a local church, and couldn't be more grateful!!

Here's a quick photo of all four of my girls around the holidays....

We spend the day with some great friends, who have become like family to us, since we moved down to VA from MA. It made the day wonderful!!


We spent the evening with the same people we spent Christmas with and a great time was had by all!! They do a big outdoor fire every year & everyone brings great food to share! It felt good to ring in 2009 with such good friends!!


Well, I did manage to get a few last minute gifts finished in time for the holidays!!

This is an altered journal I made for one of my daughters' teachers (I also made another, but you'll have to wait for the APAAT January Reveal for that one!)...

This was an alterd journal I did for a good friends Birthday! I used fun papers from Daisy Buckets that I got from Mothers & Daughters Creations for this one!

And I feel really bad that I didn't get this project done in time to send to my niece. :( I told her I'd make her a Santa Key for her tree, but she won't be able to use it until next year. Sorry, Haillie!! HUGS!!

Well, that's the quick update on what's been happening here!! I hope you all had a Blessed Holiday Season!!!! Thank you all who visited my blog in 2008 & I hope to see you all in 2009!!

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Ann said...

Gorgeous journals, Robin, and that key is adorable!