Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scrapping With My Stash!

Good Morning!

I just wanted to share the layout I created for the 1st challenge at the Scrap Our Stash Challenge Blog! I made an 8x8 layout using scraps from some MME papers I had. The whole layout was done with scraps... even the title & flourish! For the title & flourish I used white cardstock & inked them using two different Tim Holtz distress inks. I also used a few Prima flowers, some misc. star bling & Ranger Stickles to complete this fun little page!

Also, don't forget this weeks challenge over at the Just Buggin' Cricut Challenge Blog! This weeks challeng is... Layers -Use at least two die cuts and layer them together. (for instance, cut out flowers in two different sizes and layer them on top of eachother, two snowflakes, etc.)

It wasn't my week to create a sample, but here is a recent example of layering Cricut Die Cuts to create a custom embellishement! I layered snowflakes together, then cut & bent them & added Ranger Stickles to create these fun elements!

And here are a couple of older examples using this easy technique... I layered die cuts together as well as layering them with Prima flowers.

Be sure to link your creation to the Just Buggin' blog when you are done!

Hope you all have a great day!! Thanks for visiting!!



Julie Renee Holland said...

Love the snow angel. That is so adorable. Thanks for sharing!

Cindy McVey said...

Every one of your pages is gorgeous! You have a great eye!

Robin Gibson said...

Ok, so I'm late, as usual, to see such greatness! But LOVE what you did here, they are all great! You're my 'layering hero' :) {surely there can be such a thing, right? ;)}

Erin Smetak said...

WOW! What fabulous pages you have created!

SigneDemmer said...

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Cindy Buchanan said...

I love the one on top (Christmas)! So, so pretty!
Glad I stopped by...

Cindy from Scrapperie!