Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ooops... I'm a "bit" behind!!

Wow! I guess when life gets in the way, it REALLY gets in the way! Geesh! I have a few posts I'm going to make to try to catch up!

It's been REALLY busy around here the past month! The 1st couple of weeks are a busy time at work with Valentine's day so I worked extra days & hours... great for the paycheck, bad for the scrappin'! LOL We were also without phone & internet for a couple weeks, so that messed me up as well!

BUT things are starting to get back to normal... well, as normal as they can be here! LOL We have 4 birthdays coming up in our home in the next couple of months! Victoria turns 9 on 3/3, Jessica turns 18 (heaven help me) on 3/8 & my baby, Andrea, turns 7 on 4/3! *sniff* I can't believe how time flies!! And, my wonderful hubby turns (well, we won't mention that here LOL) on 4/15! Lots of celebrating to do!

My job is actually going great! I still love it & expect my hours to increase over the next few months as it gets busier! DH is STILL looking for work. :( It's really frustrating for him. There are SO many people looking & just not enough jobs. Please keep his job search in your prayers! Girls are all doing well in school & blossoming into beautiful young ladies! I can't believe how far Andrea has come since September... she's reading like crazy! I'm so proud of all of them!

Well, that's what's happening with us here. Stay tuned for some scrappy updates coming soon!!

Have A Great Weekend!!

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