Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Already?!?!

Where did the weekend go?? I suppose having to work all day yesterday didn't help!

Well, let's see what went on this weekend... Friday night, my oldest DD swam in her final meet of the year (District). She did really well in a couple of her events and came in 1st. However, her times weren't quite fast enough to make it to the next meet. DH and I are proud of how well she did though!

Yesterdaday, I worked... all day.... 9-5! UGH! It wasn't so bad, as I had plenty to do, but it's a long day to spend almost all on my feet... OUCH!

Today, not much happening... mostly laundry & housework with (hopefully) a little scrapping thrown in later today. Most of my house is all sniffly, sneezing & coughing... maybe I should forget the housework, & hide in here all day to stay away from all the cold germs! LOL

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